We’ve all been there, the marketing brief template is in front of you, it should be quite straightforward.

You’ve done these a million times before, but for some reason, you still think there is some vital information that is missing and hold off from sending it out in fear that you’ve made a mistake.

Or maybe you’ve been asked by a colleague to start a marketing or communications project and they are keen just to do the same thing again? You know deep down that doing the same thing, again and again, will just get the same results.

Let me guess, not enough time and budget to explore new ideas?

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At Eleven, we see these challenges on a daily basis and in most cases, we help marketing and communications professionals like you, how to solve them. Inspired by the day-to-day challenges of our clients, we’ve created




What is Elevenses?

Elevenses are short videos, featuring designers, animators, filmmakers, marketers and creatives answering common questions and providing advice to the everyday and complex marketing and communications challenges.

Elevenses will help marketing and communications professionals develop ideas, work more efficiently and stand out among peers.

Each Elevenses is less than 2 minutes, hosted on our website and YouTube channel so you can watch on the way to work or while taking a couple of minutes to put the kettle on.

Elevenses will be out every Monday at 11:11 am. You can opt to:

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