From Thursday 11th August 2016, GTCreate will be known as Eleven Marketing & Communications, or simply, Eleven to our friends.

This change to our name is part of a wider company rebrand to better reflect our service offer to clients.


What is a rebrand?

When you think about the kind of activities involved in a rebrand, the first things that usually come to mind are a new name, logo and colour palette. Perhaps a new website and stationary. Naturally, it is this external identity that tends to get all of the attention.

But, we believe it is your internal identity that should be your foremost priority. As it is only by getting this right that you will be able to create a business that delivers genuine value for your customers.

Your internal identity is the principles, values and behaviours on which the foundation of your business is built. It is the unwritten rule book by which your colleagues will make important company decisions, every single day.

It is unique; it cannot be purchased or copied easily – it is what defines your culture.


Why now?

Our rebrand has centred around a major cultural shift within our business that has spanned a three-year period.

Changing our external identity to reflect this shift is the natural next step on this journey.

Why has it taken so long, I hear you ask? Well, it’s the old cobbler’s shoes analogy – we’ve been so busy doing sterling work for our clients that our own marketing has had to take a back seat!


What does Eleven mean?

We’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand what makes us stand out from the crowd – uncovering why our clients choose to work with us again and again.

The resounding response is more often than not linked to our unique approach to client relationships – our continuous desire to always be and do better for our clients.

This approach has always formed an intrinsic part of our company culture and over the years has been communicated to inspire colleagues in a variety of forms – from our first iteration of Carry the Torch (inspired by the London 2012 Olympics!) to Taking Care of Business (TCB for the Elvis fans amongst you) and more latterly through our mantra of Making Things Better.

What this rebrand has enabled us to do is to distill what is strong and distinctive about our offer and articulate it in a way that is meaningful to our audiences.

For us, we know that business as usual just isn’t good enough.

We continually research, consider, measure and improve to deliver better outcomes for our clients, time after time.

This is what it means to be Eleven.

We call this approach +1.


+1 is spending time getting to know you and really understanding your business, your audience and your challenges, so we can uncover genuine insights that helps us articulate what is strong and distinctive about your offer, gaining you a true competitive advantage.

+1 is taking a fresh perspective on each and every brief – considering the full range of possibilities before settling on the right solution for your project.

+1 is driving your project forward without waiting to be asked, ensuring you are kept up to date on the planned progress of your project at all times.

+1 is identifying what the true measure of success is for your campaign and tracking our performance against this.


What does this mean for our clients?

We’ve been busy delivering the Eleven experience for over a year now, so our current clients are already benefitting from our commitment to exceeding their expectations – our +1 approach.

We are still the same company, the same people, in the same office – just with a new name and an even greater enthusiasm for delivering better than expected results.

So for those of you that work with us regularly, you can continue to expect fresh ideas driven by audience insight, backed up by robust project delivery.

Introducing Eleven to the world is our pledge to continually develop our expertise and approach to deliver better marketing with better results for our clients.

So for those of you that haven’t worked with us yet, this is your opportunity to explore the possibilities that a rewarding relationship with a marketing and communications partner who wants to understand your challenges and offer you the best ideas and solutions to solve them could bring!